training videos show you:

  • How to catch more waves with a LOT less effort
  • Simple and easy surfing paddling techniques you can apply immediately
  • How to paddle faster
  • How to prevent injury caused by poor technique
  • WHY it is important we need to be great paddlers
  • How you can make good technique automatic and easy, without any conscious thought
  • How to paddle Smarter, Not Harder

"How Rob Case's work on stroke technique can help you surf better"


"I need you to meet someone who will probably change your surfing life. He definitely changed mine."


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This last fall, on a surf trip to Bali, I paddled out to a line up of 20 surfers and was able to successfully compete for waves.
What i mean to say is, for the first time in ten years of surfing, I dominated a line up!
The difference was working with Rob Case's program.
Also, the pain in my shoulders from bad technique abated.
I was able to surf longer with less effort. Rob made me a better surfer by being a better paddler. I highly recommend his course.

Stephan Jenkins
Third Eye Blind